Cable terminations and joints «КВТ»

The range of “ KBT “ brand heat- shrinkable terminations and joints covers almost the entire spectrum of existing types of cables with voltage from 1 to 35 kV.

A wide range of products develo

ped for one-, three - , four - and five-core cables with various insulation types: paper, plastic and XLPE insulation.

Sizes range of terminations and joints covers a range of cables from 1.5 to 630 mm2.


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Преимущества термоусаживаемых кабельных муфт «КВТ»

Общие рекомендации по монтажу термоусаживаемых муфт 

Типичные ошибки при монтаже соединительных муфт

Выбор кабельной муфты

Классификация термоусаживаемых муфт «КВТ»

Terminations and joints up to 1 kV

Cable terminations and joints up to 10 kV

Terminations and joints 20-35 kV