Electro-hydraulic pimps ПМЭ-7050 and ПМЭ-7050У-К2 (КВТ)

Overview of electro-hydraulic pumps ПМЭ-7050 and ПМЭ-7050У-К2. Take a few minutes to see see all the main charecteristics and stages of work.


Hand-operated hydraulic pump ПМР-7009А (КВТ)

Take a look at a new model of hydraulic pumps made by KBT. The frame is made of light alum alloy. ПМР-7009А


Busbar bending tool ШГ-150 NEO (КВТ)

We are gald to introduce you busbar bending tool ШГ-150 NEO (КВТ). Watch this video to know its basic charecteristics and methods of work.