Are insulated ferrules ГСИ-А, ГСИ-Ф and ГСИ-Н interchangeable and be used one instead of another?


No, they are designed for different purposes. The main purpose of these three types is a leak-proof connection of insulated. ГСИ-А are designed for customer connections from the mainline in cross-section range from 6 to 25 mm². They are short as the load is not very big, they have tensile strength s no less than 60% of the strength of the conductor. ГСИ-Ф are sued for connection of phase conductors in cross sections range from 35 to 150 mm². They are longer than ГСИ-А. Tensile strength of ГСИ-Ф is no less than 60% of the strength of the conductor’ strength. ГСИ-Н are used for connection of zero lines, that bear the most load.