What is a better match for heat shrinkable sleeves- bolt connectors or lugs and ferrules for crimping?


It is not possible to give the only correct answer to this question. Both variants can be used in combination with cable sleeves, regardless of the fact that lugs for crimping and bolt connectors have some serious differences. The main difference between them is the method of their installation. Lugs and ferrules for crimping are installed on the wire by means of crimping. Bolt connectors are installed with the help of bolts with shear-off heads. Bolt connectors are more expensive, then lugs and ferrules for crimping. Moreover, bolt connectors have bigger dimensions (internal and internal diameters). However, bolt connectors are multi-range and are designed in cross-sections that match the cross-sections of heat shrinkable sleeves. As a result, the user has a full range of combination made of bolt connectors together with heat shrinkable sleeves.