Can a ПМ lug designed for soldering be crimped?


Yes, of course. With progress and more attention to environmental care crimping became preferable to soldering. These type of lugs has all necessary things to be crimped- the seam is welded. However, it is important to remember that ПМ copper cable lugs are not designed for crimping of solid wire, they can be used only for stranded wires with flexibility class from 2 to 6.
The inner diameter is of 6th class of flexibility, so it is better to use a V-shape die for crimping. Use CTB-05 and CTK 05, ПК 16 and ПК 35 for small cross-sections from 1.5 to 10 mm² use ПМУ-120, ПМУ-240 or hydraulic ПРГс-240 for bigger lugs. The ideal combination is a set of dies НМ300-ПМ with one of the hydraulic crimpers: ПГР-300, ПГРс-300 or ПГП-300 made by KBT.