Copper cable lugs made by Klauke are declared to be extra flexible in crimping due to special thermal treatment. What can you say about the treatment of KBT cable lugs?


Klauke declares that their copper cable lugs are flexible in crimping, as before tin-plating they undergo a special thermal treatment. This thermal treatment is used to reduce inner stress of the metal caused by drop forging. Any mechanical operation causes increase of hardness in any metal. However this not reasonable to talk about any positive result of thermal treatment of a lug that is made from a copper tube. The barrel of the lug that needs to be crimped, is not exposed to any mechanical operation at all, only the palm of the lug is subjected to mechanical stress when it gets pressed. So there is not stress for the barrel part of the lug at all.
The situation is different with the lugs for soldering that are made from metal sheets.The contact part of these lugs is forged 2 or 4 times before it gets the necessary flat form. In this case the thermal treatment is needed to ensure flexibility of the contact part in the process of crimping. This technology is called additional treatment before tin-plaiting and is, of course, used at KBT factory for production of insulated blade-tip terminals.