What tin-plated copper cable ferrule is better- ГМЛ or ГМЛ(о)?


ГМЛ ferrules are designed for cross-section range from 2.5 to 240 (300) mm, ГМЛ(о) for cross-sections from 1.5 to 25 mm². So you see that we can compare these ferrules only in small cross-section range.

There is a stopper inside ГМЛ (о) ferrule. It is used for control of the wire length that goes inside the ferrule, so it helps the user to control it. One more advantage of this type is that the ferrule has inspection windows for control of the wire before and after crimping. This all helps to avoid many mistakes in installation. The ГМЛ ferrules do not have this stopper inside, so the user needs to measure the end of each wire that will go inside the ferrule carefully to avoid overlap of wires and ensure good quality of connection.
One more advantage of ГМЛ(о) is their smaller size that does not affect the stability of the connection. This makes them more comfortable in usage and cheaper.