What is the difference between the Russian standard ГОСТ and DIN?


The difference is as follows:

- DIN lugs have a longer barrel
- The inner diameter of DIN lug is of the 2-3d class of flexibility, ГОСТ lugs have an inner diameter of 6th class of flexibility. So the inner diameter of ГОСТ lugs is bigger than of DIN lugs.
- ГОСТ lugs with small cross-sections have a thicker wall of the barrel than DIN lugs and ГОСТ lugs with big cross-sections have a thinner wall of the barrel than DIN lugs. We reckon that the thickness of the wall is calculated the best in DIN 46235.
- DIN lugs have special markings about the place of crimping and quantity f crimpings.
- The size of the palm of ГОСТ lugs does not depend on the diameter of the hole. The size of the palm of DIN lugs is made in accordance with the diameter of the fixation hole.