Why bimetallic lugs ТАМ made by KBT are more expensive than common alum lugs with copper сoating?


The technology of gas-dynamic spraying was applied by Russian scientists from Novosibirsk in the 80s of the 20th century. This technology has proved to be effective and cost-efficient. In the 90s other scientists from Novokuznetsk adapted the technology for cable lugs, and it was also efficient at the beginning. However, we all know that sometimes striving for expenses reduce provokes uselessness of the initial idea: in reality, the copper coating was so thin that it could not survive even single-use and got sometimes broken even after minimal mechanical action. As a result, such cable lugs could not be reliable at all and occurred to be as dangerous as a delay-action bomb. That is why KBT took a decision not to deal with the production of alum lugs with a copper coating, but introduced bimetallic lugs on the market. These kind of lugs are reliable as a relatively thick copper sleeve is pressed to the alum frame of the lug.