I have bought the crimping pliers CTK-05. It is written in the manual that this crimper was designed for cable lugs with cross-section from 6 to 10 mm². In fact, it takes much effort to make the crimping, and to be honest I am not sure that the result is reliable.


The efforts and results depend on the type of wire that you use. CTK-05 is not designed for crimping of lugs onto a solid wire; it can be used only for stranded wire cables. The effort that you need to apply depending on the material of a lug, some ТМЛ Lugs are made of a metal tube and demand more effort in crimping, ПМ lugs are made of sheet copper, which is softer. Anyway, a user should apply some force in crimping. The result of crimping is checked and approved at KBT laboratory and corresponds to all necessary requirements.