What are the dies HM-300 designed for? Where can they be used?


These dies were designed for the crimping of particular lugs. Most dies in a relatively affordable segment are designed for some common standard, they can crimp most of the lugs. However, the quality of crimping is far from professional. Recently only a few professional tool manufacturers had precise dies, that could cost 80 euros per pair.
Dies HM-300 were designed for precise crimping when you know the exact size of lugs that you need to crimp. They are made in most popular sizes and can work with the most popular tools for crimping ПГР-300, ПГРс-300, ПГРс-300А, ПГРс-300АМ, ПГП-300, and ПГП-300А.
If you need a guaranteed quality crimping- dies HM 300 made by KBT is your choice.