Which variant is better for a copper cable 2.5 mm²- a non-insulated tin-plated copper cable lug ТМЛ or an insulated tinned copper terminal НКИ?


The first issue that you need to consider before making your choice is what cable you are dealing with- is it a solid or stranded wire. Insulated tin-plated copper cable lug НКИ is designed only for work with stranded wires. Non-insulated ТМЛ can be used for both, stranded and solid wires.
In some cases when you deal with a copper wire you might not need a terminal or lug at all.
There are several points that prove that insulated НКИ is a better choice:
- НКИ terminals 2.5 mm² are less expensive than ТМЛ (Russian standard GOST 7386-80)
- There are more various mounting ends in НКИ types- 4 of them. Compare with 2 mounting ends of ТМЛ.
- The types of mounting end in НКИ are as follows: pin, ring, fork, and hook.
- НКИ have an insulation cuff in its design. If you use ТМЛ you will have to care about a heat-shrinkable tube or sleeve beforehand.
- Insulation cuff of НКИ can be made of nylon or PVC, so if your connection could be subjected to high temperature, you’d better choose terminals with nylon cuff.
- НКИ are of a more compact in size than ТМЛ
- After installation, you can double-check the crimping result as there is an indent sign on each cuff that tells about the size of the die used for crimping. It is not possible to do such a double check in ТМЛ lugs.
- Colors of the cuffs are more comfortable for easy and quick identification of the terminal size.