I have tried to crimp nylon-insulated disconnectors РПИ-М(н) and РПИ-П(н) on a wire with cross-section 6 mm². I failed because the disconnectors cannot be placed between the dies due to big size.


The fact is that these disconnectors are bigger than common PVC-insulated disconnectors, as they are made of a twice-thicker brass sheet. Anyway, disconnectors with red and blue insulation can be easily crimped with any tool. There is a problem only with the yellow-insulated disconnectors. CTK crimper made by KBT does not have the jaw opening wide enough for this size of disconnectors. It is better to use CTB tool for this task. It has not only a wider opening of jaws, but it is also much stronger and ideal for the task like this. We recommend viewing the advantages of this tool as it can be very useful for many other tasks and can make your job easier.