Due to a very long delivery period, that is 7 weeks, I would like to choose a substitute for a termination made by Rychem - EPKT 2053 together with SMOE 60873.
Have checked information at your website and found termination 3ПКТп-6-70/120(Б)нг-LS. Please confirm that I have chosen the correct substitute and tell about the delivery time of 8 pcs, bolt lug diameter should be 16 mm.


We do not have a termination 3ПКТп-6-70/120(Б)нг-LS in KBT product range. The termination 3ПКТп-6-70/120(Б) is not flame retardant. All the rest is ok as a substitute for Rychem EPKT 2053 with earthing SMOE 60873.

You will have the earthling kit is the set. The termination is designed for a bolt connector diameter 13 mm.
As an alternative we can offer a termination without bolt connectors in the set, it is 3ПКТп-6-70/120. Bolt connectors with diameter 16 mm ТМ-120-16-17, ТМЛ-120-16-17, ТМЛ-120-16-18, ТМЛ(DIN)-120-16 can be purchased separately. Please address one of our dealers to know the delivery time to your location.