Are the terminations for PE or paper insulation interchangeable and can be used for any type of cable?


First of all it is very important to note that any variations that are not prescribed in the manuals and technical recommendations cannot guarantee any reliable and safe result. If you change something or use the product ignoring the recommendations of the manufacturer, all consequences are at your responsibility.
Terminations 4ПКТп-1 and 4ПСТ-1 designed for cables with plastic insulation cab be substituted by terminations 4КВНТп-1 and 4СТп-1. Terminations for cables with paper insulation have a more complicated structure and design than terminations designed for cables with plastic insulation, that is why they can be used for both types of cable, but the reverse substitute is not possible.
The terminations for 10 kV 3КВ(Н)Тп-10 and 3СТп-10 can not be substituted with 3ПКВ(Н)Тп-10 and 3ПСТ-10, as these types are totally different from each other.