Testing of the electrical equipment

The level of equipment and access of the laboratory testing allows us to conduct periodic tests of electrical equipment of the laboratory and electrical protective equipment without the involvement of outsourcing organizations.

Testing of the means of electrical protection

The tests are carried out in accordance with the "Instructions for usage and testing of protective equipment in electrical installations". The frequency of tests is specified in Annex 7 " Instructions..."

Measurement of the resistance of grounding devices and soil resistivity

Measurement is carried out in accordance with the requirements of "The Rules of the technical operation of electrical consumers (PTEEP)", tables 35 and 36, which indicate the maximum permissible resistance of grounding devices of electrical installations and grounding. At high resistivity of the soil the norms of permissible values of resistances of grounding devices are stated in "The Rules of the device of electrical equipment (PUE). Seventh edition. Chapter 1.7".

Insulation resistance measurement

The test is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the «The Rules of the technical operation of the electrical consumers (PTEEP)", table 37, which specifies the minimum allowable values of insulation resistance of elements of electrical networks up to 1000 V.

Check for a circuit between the earths and grounded elements

Inspection of protective conductors is carried out in accordance with the requirements of paragraphs 1.7.139; 1.7.126; 1.7.127; 1.7.144 PUE and 2.7.6; 28.5 of Annex 3 pteep. The contact resistance must not exceed 0.05 Ohm.

Check of the protection operation at the power supply system with the grounded neutral

In this test, the total resistance of the circuit is measured, the short circuit current is calculated, and the resulting value is compared with the value of the current of the protection machine. In addition, the time-current characteristic is determined by the time of the protection. Requirements to the value specified in clause 28.4 of Annex 3, pteep p.1.7.79 PUE.

The check of safety disconnection devices

In the control of the protective devices to measure the trip current of the RCD and the off time of the RCD, which are normalized p.1.7.79 PUE.