Raw material and spare parts control

All raw materials and spare parts purchased from suppliers are subject to quality control to meet the requirements and determine the possibility of using them in the KBT production.

Raw material hardness enter control

The test of mechanical properties of metals and alloys is necessary for the correct setting of heat treatment modes of the raw material in the production of the cable terminals, lugs and connectors, tool production, as well as for the control of the ready done goods with the specified requirements..

Measurement of the electrical strength of the raw material

Both raw materials and ready done items are subjected to electrical strength measurements. Measurements are carried out at alternating voltage. At the point of breakdown, the thickness of the test material is measured and its electrical strength is calculated.

Checking the categories of the flammability of the raw materials

Categories of the flammability of the materials are determined in accordance with GOST 28779-90 and are taken into account in the design of heat-shrinkable kits that are flame retardant, heat-shrinkable tubes, insulating shells and polymeric materials used in the production of the electro technical goods. The ready done items are also subjected to the relevant inspection and tests.

The definition of the tracking properties of the raw materials

The use of the materials in the cable heat shrinkable terminals, which are resistant to the formation of conductive bridges, permits a reliable operation of the heat shrinkable kits at high humidity under pollution conditions. This property of materials is called tracking resistance and is determined in the KBT laboratory with the help of a special equipment. The unit creates a test voltage in the range from 0 to 6000 V. the class of tracking resistance of the materials is determined in accordance with GOST 27474-87.

Electrical resistance of the materials

Samples of the electrical insulation material are produced in our factory. After the measurements, the specific surface and volume resistances of the materials are calculated. Dielectric properties of the materials are taken into account in the design of cable fittings, as well as in the input control of incoming raw materials and the production of the ready done goods.

Measurement of the dielectric permittivity of the materials

Materials with a given value of permittivity can reduce the electric field intensity in the most critical areas of heat shrinkable cable kits. Thanks to the use of these materials, our heat-shrinkable products are reliable and have a long service life.

Studies of the composite materials

The KBT laboratory monitors scientific and technical innovations in the field of the composite materials, conducts research and incoming control of the raw materials. According to the results of the research, a decision is made to use the raw materials in the production of the new items.