• A new administration office of the factory has started it functioning. The research, engineering and laboratory complexes were shifted to the new building.
  • The construction of the two buildings – the first part of the modern warehouse complex of 3,5 thousand square meters and logistics administration center KBT – was finished.
  • Modern warehouse equipment was bought and started to be used together with a new electronic system of the warehouse inventory control in the KBT warehouse complex.
  • Reconstruction of the logistics service as a separate substructure with a list of long term tasks.
  • Trade house «КВТ» was established and has started its functioning.
  • A contract for the service and repair of the equipment of the company «GLW» (Germany) at the tools service of KBT was signed.
  • A series production of the new construction of the self- closing body of the branch clamps KBT has started.
  • The term of the free service and repair period for the all kinds of tools with the KBT trade mark was enlarged.