• The first phase of the shifting to the process-centric magement of the factory has started.
  • A new automotive CNC equipment based technology was applied to the process of the mechanical lugs with shear off bolts and ferrules production.
  • Five senior executive managers have successfully graduated their professional retraining in the program of the President for the retraining of the senior management personnel.
  • Development and research of a set for the live35 kV cable cutting.
  • Changing the construction of the insulated terminals KBT for «Easy Entry» type.
  • Enlarging the range of the «КВТ» heat shrinkable sets with a new line heat shrinkable of flame retardant cable kits.
  • The strategy of the production was revised according to a new geopolitics situation and economical restrictions applied. New long terms production projects have started.
  • Enlarging of the sizes line of the terminals DIN 46235 and ferrules DIN 46267 up to 630mm² as a contribution of «КВТ» factory to the import substitution policy of our country.
  • Development and start of the series production of the copper cable lugs with a narrow spade (TML-U) for the for the modern type of the circuit breaker s up to 630А.
  • The second part of the warehouse complex KBT construction has been finished on the right side of the Oka River.
  • Self-repair tools instructions have been completed and announced to the KBT brand tools customers in the far away regions by the Service and repair center KBT.