Though the production volumes in 2016 have been growing considerably (20 to 45% in different goods) the quantity of the stuff hasn’t been changed. It absolutely corresponds to the confirmed direction to the shifting the production to the automotive ones which means “ bigger volumes with the less working stuff”.

  • A new land of about 16000 m3  has been bought for the purposes of the construction of a new production facilities of the «КВТ» factory at the right side of the Oka river. A plan for the construction and the accomplishment of territory has been confirmed.
  • The third part of the warehouse complex «КВТ» with 1000 pallets places, with total ly1200 m3 has been constructed and started working.
  • A new robot line for mechanical lugs and ferrules production has been started according to the project for shifting to the automotive technologies in the KBT factory.
  • All equipment in the KBT factory started to be renewed by the modern CNC ones as the realization of the policy of the technical renovation.
  • A new system of the teaching of the workers to get professional knowledge and skills according to the needs of the KBT factory has been introduced.
  • A week training courses of managers the trade departments was hold with the help of the technical and engineering stuff of the KBT factory on the base of the teaching center «КВТ». It included both theoretical and practical training.
  • A series production of the stainless steel cable ties has started successfully. The sizes range of the stainless steel cable ties has been increased considerably.
  • The sizes range of the mechanical cable lugs and ferrules with shear bolts has been increased up to 800 mm².
  • The range of the heat shrinkable breakouts «КВТ» has been enlarged with a new line of flame retardant breakouts KBT.
  • Расширен ассортимент диэлектрического инструмента The range of dielectric tools «КВТ» trade mark has been enlarged. The pliers’ series «Expert» with the dipped handles has been added.
  • A new service repair center «КВТ» in Minsk city has been opened together with «МТИ-Электро», the general distributor in Belarus republic.
  • The service and repair center КВТ has been restructured. The definition of the standards of the coordination with the customers helped to make the process of the diagnostic and repair of the tools considerably shorter.  
  • The interaction with the largest net trade companies «ЭТМ», «Русский Свет», «Все инструменты», «220 Вольт», «Ozon.ru» made it possibile to introduce the «КВТ» trade mark tools to the customers in the small and far away towns of Russian federation.