• A new «КВТ» production capacity of 7000 м2 has been completed at the right side of the Oka River. The equipment installation and the start of the production is planned in spring – summer 2018.
  • A long term strategy of technological development of the polymeric items, including heat shrinkable items, production in the new territory has been developed and confirmed.
  • The forth part of the warehouse complex KBT has been constructed and started working. So the total area of the logistics and warehouse complex for the storage and distribution of the factory goods is 4500 м2 with 5 storage levels.
  • The first step of the automatization of the mechanical lugs and ferrules with shear bolts has been finished. All mechanical production operations have been shifted to the CNC machines completely.
  • To make the cycle of production of the items of the zinc plated and stainless steel complete, a new line for the roll slitting steel sheets has been installed.
  • More machines for production of the flexible metal hose have been bought to make the production of the «Fortisflex» trade make metal hose more effective.
  • The Russian Marine register certificate for the stainless steel cable ties coated and not coated, stainless steel strip, locks and buckles «КВТ» trade mark has been got.
  • «КВТ» factory produced items were exposed at the International naval fair in Saint Petersburg in June.
  • The representatives of the shipbuilding factories from Saint Petersburg and Severodvinsk have visited KBT factory. There planned a visit of the senior managers and engineers of the KBT factory to the shipyards of Saint Petersburg for discussion and confirmation of the specifications and contracts for the shipments.
  • New ties made of AISI 316 non-covered and PVC covered 4,6mm; ladder ties7 and 12mm; new sizes of the releasable coated 9,6mm cable ties have been added to the existing range.
  • Hardware ball lock stainless steel cable ties of 12 mm and highly strong double wrap stainless steel ties of 7.9 and 12mm have started to be produced in the KBT factory.
  • Stainless steel marking plates made of AISI316 stainless steel has been started production in the KBT factory.
  • A new series of hydraulic project «КВТ» is a new perspective series of the hydraulic cylinders.
  • New dielectric tools sets have been enlarged by the new series of «Profi» and «Expert». There are new sets with the insulated spanners and hexagonal heads for 3/8 and ¼ inches.
  • The tools range is enlarged by a new “family” of multisized modern crimpers for end sleeves  0, 2 up to 16mm2, with different crimping shapes (square and hexagonal), сwith side and front dies.
  • A new line of modern digital multimeter tools of «КВТ» trade mark has been introduced to the market.
  • The representatives of the KBT factory took part in the specialized electro technical fairs «City of the Light» (Russkiy Svet), electro technical forums (ЭТМ), festival TOOLFEST (МВ-Group) and Energy-Expo (МТE-Electro, Minsk city)
  • There have started some teaching seminars and presentations of the «КВТ» goods in tools and heat shrinkable kits fields represented for our trade partners.
  • There have been modified some new kind of heat shrinkable tubes ТНТнг which have advanced physical properties compared to standard tubes ТУТнг .
  • A new line of the DIY sets of heat shrinkable tubes «КВТ» in pieces of 100 and 200 mm has been introduced to the market. A new line of the special heat shrinkable tubes chemicals and oil resistant, extreme temperatures resistant has been added to the existing range of the heat shrinkable tubes of KBT trade mark.
  • The «КВТ» dual wall heat shrinkable tubes 3:1, 4:1 and 6:1ratio range has been added with 2:1ratio heat shrinkable dual wall tubes.
  • Heat shrinkable kits of «КВТ» trade mark has been added into the recommended to the usage in the МОЭСК, АО «Мособлэнерго» and МРСК net companies.
  • To continue a very popular series of the copper cable lugs of «КВТ» standard there started production of the new line of the angle lugs ТМЛс(90).
  • There have been developed and introduced to the market the sets of the insulated terminals and tools in super strong metal cases М-950, М-2850 and М-3450.
  • The range of «КВТ» has been added by the new lines of the insulated terminals, ferrules and disconnectors in mini blister cards packing to meet the interests of В2С and DIY.