• Installation of the equipment was completed on the new territory of KBT factory, full-cycle production was brought into operation.
  • According to the approved development strategy it was decided to proceed with the next phase of construction of more than 12 000 mworking area. The designing and commencement of construction were planned to begin in the latter part of 2019. 
  • Restructuring of production storage at the KBT distribution and warehouse complex was made, which helped to increase the rate of order processing and shorten the time of delivery. 
  • Certification of the management quality system conformity with the requirements of ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015) standard was completed.
  • English versions of the official KBT factory's (www.kvt.su/en) and the main distributor's of KBT professional tools (https://kvt.tools/en) sites were launched.   
  • New specialized series of hydraulic crimpers for steel wire ropes with the diameter up to 8 mm was introduced.  
  • Range of KBT bench tools was widened by new models of pliers from "MASTER" series, adjustable pliers with fixation button and new product line - lock ring pliers from "MASTER" series.
  • Renewed lineup of screwdrivers from "MASTER" series (including new screwdriver sets with 2, 5 or 8 sizes per set and set of screwdrivers with pozidriv(PZ) profile) was introduced. 
  • Product line of KBT control and measuring instruments was replenished by new tools from "SMART" series, which are easy and simple to use and guarantee the protection against the wrong choice of measuring range.
  • New lineup of light-weight tools (hand- and foot-operated pumps with aluminum-alloy oil tank) appeared in the range of KBT hydraulic pumps.
  • Two new models of powerful hydraulic crimpers ПГРА-400 and ПГРА-630А (for lugs and ferrules with the cross-section up to 630 mm2) and one new hydraulic pump ПМА-7005 were added to the assortment of KBT battery-powered tools.
  • KBT Service Center for repair and maintenance of the tools launched its official web-site.
  • New lineup of mechanical connectors and lugs with shear-off bolts for XLPE cables was put into mass production. 
  • ТМЛс lugs' series (KBT standard tin-plated cable lugs for crimping) was extended to 1,5; 2,5 and 4 mmminimum cross-sections. 
  • Product line of mechanical repair shear-off bolt connectors for repairing of damaged cable lines with voltage up to 10 kW was put into production. 
  • KBT factory team took part in the first open festival "City of Masters" in Kaluga. 
  • As an extension of popular series of KBT standard tin-plated copper cable lugs, new ТМЛс(45) lineup of 45° angle cable lugs was put into production.
  • New product line of leak-proof metal hose in self-extinguishing PVC insulation with properties of low smoke and flame-retardance was created.
  • Size range of FGP-11 МК fiber-glass fish tapes with the diameter of 11 mm was replenished with 200 and 250 m lengths.

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