Our mission

Our mission

The KBT factory has a goal to be an expert in our field and to have an image of a reliable and stable partner, to be a progressive and active company.


Three basic principles:

  • To care about the image of the company that rates the obligations to the customers, partners and stuff of the factory very high
  • To produce high quality goods meeting the needs of the customers.
  • To develop new fields and new technologies according to our customers’ needs and the creative potential of our employees.

Value our customers

We practice individual attitude to every customer. We care about long term cooperation. We keep in contact with our customers at every step of cooperation. We expect understanding of the mutual goals and tasks. We highly appreciate customers’ feedback and are always attentive to the customers’ opinion. We prioritize our customer’ interests.

Appreciate our customers’ interests

We are fulfilling our obligations taking into consideration our customers’ interests. We believe that business and friendly relationship with our colleagues and following the moral and ethical business rules is the keystone to success and stability of a modern factory.

Appreciate our employees

The base of our success is a very professional team. We offer our employees every possibility for creative and professional realization. Justice, responsibility, mutual assistance and respect are the main values in our relationship to our employees.

По вопросам реализации планов импортозамещения и сотрудничества: +7(4842) 92-63-86 доб.107 или

При обращении обязательно укажите ИНН компании.

Вы ищете отечественного производителя для реализации программ импортозамещения?

Ждем ваших предложений и заявок по телефону +7(4842) 92-63-86 доб.107 или на почту .

При обращении обязательно укажите ИНН компании.

Мы предоставляем готовые решения в области электротехники для различных отраслей промышленности, транспорта, строительства и энергетики.

При использовании продукции завода КВТ вы решаете комплексные задачи монтажа, подключения, ремонта и обслуживания:

  • Проводниковых, воздушных линий и кабельных трасс
  • Кабельных линий до 35 кВ
  • Щитового оборудования

Наше предприятие более 20 лет развивает производство кабельной арматуры, электромонтажного инструмента, изоляционных материалов и средств прокладки кабельных систем.