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Training for specialists

Training for specialists

On-line training on KBT electrotechnical products was held on December 3, 2020. The event was organized by Elevel Company, but unlike the previous one, which was focused on sales representatives, this seminar was held for end customers (wiremen and electricians) from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dmitrov.

On-line training
is effective and safe!

Progress is one of the key points in electrotechnical area. New modern and improved tools' models appear every year. Timely information on the novelties is valuable, it helps to reduce time and improve quality of installation.

Specific coverage was given to the crimping tools' topic:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic crimping tools. The difference and indications for use of each type;
  • Automatic pressure-release valve. Tools with automatic dump valve and without it;
  • The advantages of hydraulic aluminium presses;
  • And a lot more.

The presentation of KBT products broadened the knowledge on professional tools' assortment, competent choice and proper application of the items.

We also have long-term plans to continue holding such kind of trainings for both sales managers and electrotechical specialists.