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Those who seek will find!

Those who seek will find!

An amusing incident recently took place on our factory. We spotted a suspicious person in the earmuffs and with a roll on the territory…

Below normal!

During sheduled examination of the factory's cable lines (according to the rules of technical operation of consumer's electric installations (RTOCEI)) decreased insulation resistanse value was detected on one of the power lines.  Although the measured value is below normal, the cable line continues working. The power is supplied to the workshop, the equipment is working properly! It seems that if it works just let it work. But where will this leave us?

RTOCEI are not made to be flung aside lightly!

The damage of insulation qualities of cable line can cause a lot of serious troubles. For example short-circuits can lead to fire or connected equipment's failures, so the production will be stopped for an uncertain period of time till the fault has been corrected. Who wants that kind of thing?

Detection of
the damaged cable-line
Checking the insulation
Induction method
of underground cable's searching
Topographic measuring method
Testing of the cable
through the voltage raise
Acoustic method of cable-line
failure's searching

Replacement is required!

But it is very expensive and unreasonable to remove all the cable! We have to find and replace the part of the cable with damaged insulation with the help of cable joints. Fortunately the factory produces a fair amount of cable joints every day, so the thing is to find the damaged part. We invited specialists from electromeasuring laboratory to find cable-line's fault. The experts brought a lot of interesting devices and also their professional experience for such kind of works. In an hour an expected place of cable failure was detected.

Dig in here!

To be absolutely sure, the searching of the damaged part is made through compulsory cable break-down. In simple terms we had overloaded the previously cut off power-line, so there was a break-down in the weak point. With the help of induction, acoustic and topographic methods we searched for cable and the place of cable failure underground. And soon the verdict on the place of break-down was issued.

What's next?

The next stage includes digging in the stated place, removing the damaged cable section, preparing the new part of cable for connection and installing the cable joints...