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Direction towards the export

Direction towards the export

The international forum "Business evolution: direction towards the export" was held on December 2, 2019 in Kaluga. It was organized by the Agency of business development of the Kaluga region within the framework of "Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship and support of individual initiative" and "International cooperation and export" national projects. This forum was aimed at establishing business contacts between enterprises from different countries. More than 500 people and 20 companies took part in the exhibition. The participation of such influential speakers as the development director of "Black Star" corporate group Aleksandr Gagiev and marketing expert Igor Mann made the event more valuable for gaining the remarkable experience and receiving useful information. 

Business partnership building is always a difficult but efficient way of mutual business development. Study of foreign languages, consumers' behaviour, product demand is inavitable to make business a success. 

KBT factory together with KBT trading house followed all steps of business relations' development for establishing loyalty in working with the partners. Participation in such events is an advance towards the open conversation. Our KBT team is always willing to receive new knowledge and express ourselves through such forums.

Igor Mann - Russia's top marketing expert
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