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You can never have too many helpers

You can never have too many helpers

DIY-07 "Basic set"

We always want to find a perfect helper for different types of tasks and purposes. Tool sets product line by KBT is constantly expanding and this time the assortment has replenished by such useful models as: 

НИЭ-11 "Diagnostician"

"Basic set" consists of the very basics that housholder has too keep close at hand: pliers, side-cutting pliers, screwdrivers, measuring tape, hammer. Convenient organizer bag for storage and carrying of tools is one more reason to buy this set.

"Diagnostician" is all you need for measuring of electrical circuits' characteristics and AC voltage detection. Neat C-03 bag will add comfort to the use of this set.  

In the present age, when even a minute is precious, we want completely rely on choice of the professionals in order to ease the selection of qualitative and relevant tools. By giving preference to KBT models you wisely save your time and energy, leaving more spare moments for personal life.