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If “House spirit” is required

If “House spirit” is required

Tool set Домовой-01 Эконом

Household chores contain a lot of tasks such as hammering nails, measuring doorways, tightening and loosing screws and a lot more. It is so important to have a tool set, adapted to these needs, around. Something compact, reliable, with no frills. No more searching for a screwdriver, a measure tape or a hammer – all you need is in a comfortable bag. Do you guess it’s just a dream? It’s a reality! Six new tool sets from “Домовой” product line from the range of KBT bench tools are now on sale:

- Домовой-01 Эконом – bare minimum for practical and rational users;

- Домовой-02 Оптимум – an optimal tool set with a knife and a set of screwdrivers;

- Домовой-03 Макси – the more advanced your skills and abilities are, the wider range of problems you can deal with on your own without a professional help. And in accordance, tool set has to be more diverse;

- Домовой-04 Профи – it also contains a new knife for construction and installation works НСМ-10;

- Домовой-05 Мини – a set of the most compact tools;

- Домовой-06 Авто – a new portable flashlight and a set of wrenches are added.

Whatever type of “Домовой” you choose, without a doubt you’ll make a great choice!