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5 more models of gloves

5 more models of gloves

Today almost all professionals and DIY users do their work in gloves. How to choose the best model that will ideally match your palm and fingers? The answer to this question depends on the personal preferences of a particular user. We are glad to introduce our 5 new models.


Model С-39 (КВТ)


Work with phone or computer wearing gloves

During work, you may need to use a computer or pad, or answer a telephone call. Model C-39 has no fingertips. They are made of fine synthetic leather with hoops for comfortable taking off.  

Model С-40 (КВТ)


Work with comfort

This model is made of super-strong synthetic leather. The open-mesh fabric insertion will let your hands "breath" during the work. Model C-40 is designed for comfort-lovers. 

Model С-41 (КВТ)


Safety the first 

Special insertion made of goat leather will let you use a telephone without taking off these gloves. Strong TPR pads protect your knuckles and hands. These gloves are made for outside activities like fishing or hunting. 

Model С-42 (КВТ)


Keep your hands warm 

 Thinsulate will keep your hands warm during work outside and at temperatures below zero. Anti-slip insertions will help you hold your tools firmly.

Moreover, this model has light reflecting elements that will make you visible anywhere.

Model С-43 (КВТ)


Hold it firmly 

Anti-slip elements are designed for safer keeping the tools in hands. Model C-43 is made for stability in work. 


Make your choice

Make your choice of KBT gloves looking through our wide range. We are sure that you find your ideal model.