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Separate place for plastic ties at KBT website

Separate place for plastic ties at KBT website

КСС Grizzly white plastic ties

We are sure that you have seen a lot of advantages that have KBT stainless steel cable ties. It is not always reasonable to use steel ties everywhere. Sometimes you can use nylon ties and save you money. Please see the new location for nylon cable ties at KBT website, there is a large choice of cable ties and velcro fasteners. 

The nylon ties are mainly used for electrical installation works. That is why they are often called cable ties. But today nylon cable ties can also be used in household, industry, building engineering and agriculture, transport and packing industry.

Nylon cable ties have become popular in Russia in the 2000s. "Fortisflex" trademark was one of the first brands to introduce the widest sizes range from mini-ties of 60 mm to ties more than 1 meter.

The ties are designed for different loads: from minimal up to extreme:

  • Nylon ties of premium class with a metal tooth
  • All-weather nylon ties with holes for screws
  • Cable ties with a place for marking
  • Multi-use nylon ties and fasteners Velcro
КСС Grizzly black cable tie

Separate attention is worth cable ties КСС «GRIZZLY»:

  • KBT Quality. Thoughtful design, precise molds, careful follow up of all technological regimes of manufacture, regular testings of ready product.
  • KBT cable ties are made of pure nylon 6.6 DuPont
  • Perfect operation qualities. A wide range of working temperatures from -40°C to +85°C
  • Halogen-free, flame retardant, resistant to solvents, oils and caustic soda. 
  • UV-resistant. Longer life in open sunlight. 
  • High reliability. "Grizzly" cable ties perform better resistance to high load by 25 % (in accordance with fulfilled testings). В
  • Thoughtful sizes range.
  • Tools and accessories. A wide range of KBT tools for cable ties installations. 
  • Comfortable packaging. 50 pcs in each pack for retail shops. 

Reliable fixation depends not only on the cable tie itself but also on the tools used for installation. KBT brand has a wide range of tools designed for installation of cable ties.