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New items in the range of bench tools

New items in the range of bench tools

Set of 5 combined ratchet wrenches 
with a pivot bolt НТКШ-5 (8-14)

Sets of combined ratchet wrenches

New ratchet wrenches have just appeared in the range of KBT bench tools:

- НТК-5 (8-14)

- НТКШ-5 (8-14) with a pivot bolt

- combined ratchet wrenches by the piece

- combined ratchet wrenches with a pivot bolt by the piece

Long-term reliable operation of the tool is ensured by using CR-V steel with nickel coating as a material for it. Plastic case of the set is perfect for storage and use and futhermore gives aestetic appearance which is important for shops and exhibition stands. Due to the possibility of bying these ratchet wrenches by the piece you can always get the required size not overpaying for unnecessary tools. 

For the professional work choose the professional tools!

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