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A good tradition!

Young specialists received training at the factory

The annual training of managers from trading units at the factory became a good tradition. Live communication with experts from our factory, theory and practice on various topics and in different areas, sales trainings and many other things were waiting for the participants.

So the training was completed! Young specialists have learnt what the factory is, how products are developed and put into production, what quality management system means and how it is implemented at the enterprise. The correct way of installing cable terminations and joints was shown to the trainees at the factory's laboratory. They tried to work with KBT products themselves and found out how laboratory testings are held, learnt a lot about new tools and met up with Service center team, became familiar with warehouse work and nuances of interaction of warehouse managers with trading companies. Answers to many other questions were found during the training week. After training everyone successfully got their certificate of completion of training course.

Young trainees
About the production. Theory 
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Course on the professional tools
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