The goods produced in the KBT factory have high level of quality and satisfy the needs of our customers. We have been keeping the leading place in the Russian market for many years. What is the key to success?

In production process

  • we provide high technical level of production due to the continuous researches of the advanced technologies in our field;
  • we apply new technologies that improve the stability of the goods quality;
  • we apply modern methods of the production process control;
  • we create a high production culture;
  • we monitor the quality during the production process;
  • we control the quality of the finished goods.

In the cooperation with our employers

  • we motivate our staff to improve quality;
  • each employee is personally responsible for the quality of the work performed;
  • we provide our employees with the resources necessary to achieve the right goals;
  • we constantly improve the level of the qualification of our employees, teach them the modern methods of work and methods of control of quality of our goods.

In buying the material and spare parts

  • we buy only high quality material and spare parts;
  • we choose the suppliers according the criteria of stability and quality of their goods;
  • we provide the enter quality control of all the bought materials and spare parts.