Cable joints 3СТп-10

type : 3ССТп-10

  •  Intended for connection 3-core cables :
    • with paper insulation
    • with armor and without armor
    • with common aluminum or lead sheath
    • for voltage 6 and 10 kV 
  • Available for listed cable types: ААБл, (А)СБл, (А)СБГ, ААГ, (А)СГ, ААБв, (А)СБШв, ААШв, (А)СШв, ААБ2лШв, (А)СБ2лШв
  • Double-component cover for less space for installation
  • Insulating dual-wall tubes for core connection are made of special brick-red color material, possessing high mechanical strength. Dual-wall tubes with inner sublayer of the hot melt adhesive provide reliable insulation and sealing of cable cores joints
  • Filling the internal interphase space by special paste prevents the formation of air voids inside joints and provides additional sealing
  • Appling of oil resistant sealant with special properties provides leak proof sealing and facilitates alignment of the electric field
  • Installation of site grounding is made by the combined method. Basic equipment includes the roll spring and flexible grounding braid. Fastening on the covers, made of armored band is carried out by soldering
  • Roll spring ensures quick and reliable installation of the ground flexible braids to the metal shell. The use of the spring eliminates the potential risk of thermal damage to the paper insulation, under aluminum shell,  in the case of soldering with  use of a refractory solder "A"
  • Two overlapping heat shrinkable protective sleeves (internal and external) and interfacial sealing filler ensures complete sealing of connection
  • Joint kit is universal and allows you to use cable connectors for crimping, as well as cable connectors with shear-off-head bolts
  • Ideal solution when there is not enough space


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Name Number of cable cores Cable cores size (mm²) Cable type
without shear-off-head bolts with shear-off-head bolts
3ССТп-10-25/50 3ССТп-10-25/50(Б) 3 25/ 35/ 50 With armor and without armor 
3ССТп-10-70/120 3ССТп-10-70/120(Б) 3 70/ 120
3ССТп-10-150/240 3ССТп-10-150/240(Б) 3 150/ 240