СОМЗ-55 Favorit RAPID (orange)


Protective helmet СОМЗ-55 Favorit RAPID (orange)

model : СОМЗ-55 Favorit RAPID (orange)

  • Protective helmet is applied in steelmaking industry, engineering, during production and processing of oil, in building and construction, mining workings and in all workplaces with the risk of head injury 
  • Reliable head protection from mechanical damage, humidity, splashes of corrosive liquids, sparks and splashes of molten metal, DC voltage up to 1500 V, AC voltage up to 1000 V
  • Helmet shell is made of Termotek® polypropylene
  • Helmet shell color: orange
  • Smooth adjustment of head circumference size with the help of "RAPID" ratchet mechanism (one click: 2,5 mm) guarantees reliable fixation of protective helmet on top of a head. 
  • 6 regulation stages of the level of wearing the protective helmet
  • Size range: from 51 to 65 cm with interval of 2,5 mm
  • "Эталон" shock absorber (textile damping bands) is fastened to the shell in six places 
  • Smooth forehead band
  • Textile chinstrap
  • Lockable air vents for ventilation control
  • Operating temperature range is -50°С to +50°С
  • Weight of helmet: 320 g