model: ПКВш-16м


Multi-range model with universal hexagonal die for end sleeves' crimping

model : ПКВш-16м

  • Range of end sleeves:
    • single end sleeves НШВИ, НШВ: 0.25–16 mm2
    • double insulated end sleeves НШВИ(2): 2х0.5–2х6.0 mm2
  • Universal tool for crimping of wide range of sizes of end sleeves
  • One self-adjusting die for all sizes within a range
  • Width of crimping die: 13 mm
  • Tool spans the range of 18 end sleeve's sizes
  • Grooved hexagonal crimping profile
  • Corps coating: teflon
  • Unique, abrasion and corrosion resistant teflon corps coating provides durability of tool and excellent external appearance 
  • Improved ratchet mechanism guarrantees complete pressing cycle
  • Ratchet mechanism unlocker
  • Two-component ergonomic handles with a small opening while completely disclosed for convenient operating with one hand only
  • Weight: 490 g
  • Length: 225 mm