Pliers 150 mm


Pliers with button adjustment КВТ)

model : Adjustable pliers 150 mm

Pliers with button adjustment designed for gripping flat, round, and multi-shape objects

Double-color handles with safety stoppers 
Jaws opening:  36 mm

Jaws width: 6.1 mm
Extra hard teeth: HRC 60...62
Precise and quick fixation on the object
Self-fixation on tubes and washers 
Wide range of jaws opening 
Button adjustment mechanism 
The special pivot excludes random change of fixation
Minimal effort in work due to the special shape of the handles 
Material: chrome-vanadium steel 

Handles made of plastisol
Weight: 140 g
Length: 150 mm

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Наименование Длина, мм Раскрытие
губок, мм
Переставные клещи с кнопочной фиксацией 150 мм  150  36