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KBT love to Kaluga city

KBT love to Kaluga city

KBT love to Kaluga!

"Planet is a craddle for our mind, but we can not stay in the craddle all our life."

K. Tsiolkovskiy

Kaluga is a Russian city that is located on the banks of the Oka river, 160 km away from Moscow city center and 80 km away from New Moscow

Transposrt: Railwaystations Kaluga-1 and Kaluga-2, International Airport Kaluga.

From 1892 to 1935 K. Tsiolkovski lived in Kaluga. He was a great thinker about spance, scientist and the person who discovered the way how we can go up in the sky.

In 1967 The Museum of Space was opened in Kaluga. Even today astronauts come to Kaluga before their first trip into space.

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