Metal cable glands

type : PG-M

  • Designed for leak-proof connection of cables in electricity boxes
  • Protection IP68
  • Protection from the instruction of dust. Protection under water
  • The screw nut is made of nickel-plated brass
  • Strong and reliable, resistant to corrosion
  • Working temperature: -40°C ~ +100°C
  • Grease retainer is installed with a spanner
  • Protection membrane prevents instruction of dust
  • Installation tooling: 
    • Hydraulic punchers:
      • ПГПО-60
      • ПГПО-60А
    • hydraulic systems for punching:
      • ПГРО-60А
      • ПГРОу-60А
      • ПГРОп-60А
    • set of dies МПО for round punching