Branching clamp for cables with cross-section 4-10/1.5-2.5

model : У739M

  • Designed to perform branches from the main cable and wire lines up to 660V ,with preliminary removal of insulation at the installation site, without cutting the conductor
  • Main: 4/6/10
  • Branch: 1.5/2.5
  • Case size: 42x36x23
  • Case material: polycarbonate, does not support burning
  • Contact part material: anodized steel
  • The core is shaped for the size of cable dies, tightening by bolts
  • The main and branch cables (wires) can be represented by aluminum or copper wires, or its combination
  • On the body of each clamp applied marking with the logo of manufacturer and range of sections of the cable " Main cable- branch»
  • The case of clamp is not leakproof
  • Ordering and selling of products is carried out in multiple packing