Pliers for crimping of end sleeves with cross sections 10-25 mm²

model : CTK-03

  • For crimping of insulated and non-insulated end sleeves
  • For cross sections: 10/16/25 mm²
  • Three-position die
  • Reinforced steel body, reliable mechanism
  • Ratchet mechanism ensures complete and reliable crimping
  • Ratchet relief lever
  • Pressure adjustment for crimping force control
  • Comfortable ergonomic TPR handles
  • Best combination “quality-price”
  • Black oxide coating
  • Weight: 540 g
  • Length: 220 mm

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Name KBT die example used for cross sections range crimping
СТК-03 (КВТ)

crimping of

end sleeves

10-25 mm2