Wave- type stainless steel cable ties AISI 316

type : СКВ (316)

  • Used for bundling and fixation in arduous conditions, high physical stress, vibration, radiation, humidity and extreme temperatures
  • Material: stainless steel AISI 316
  • Coating: none
  • Operating temperature: from -80°C till +538°C
  • Installation temperature: from  -50°C 
  • Seawater and chemical resistance. Recommended for usage in marine climate
  • Non magnetical steel
  • The wave form retains tension on a solid bundle. Good quality performance in heat-cool regimes
  • Self-locking ball-lock
  • Perform all other qualities of standard stainless steel ties of AISI 316 type, equipped with a ball-lock mechanism
  • The application is three times faster than traditional way with buckles and jaw type buckles
  • For external and internal usage
  • Effective fastening and fixation even in greasy conditions
  • Installation tooling: TG-02, TG-05, ИНT-20 mini, ИНТу-20

    Type: СКВ (316

AISI 316 is stainless steel with high assay of nikel and molibdenum, that makes it highly corrosion-resistant in most harsh environments. Molibdenum makes this grade of steel resistant to pitting corrosion in chloride environment, sea water, as well as in suphuric, phosphoric, boric, formic, ethanoic, ethanediodic and lactic acids.

Due to outstanding corrosion-resistance and perfect mechanical charecteristics AISI 316 is used in:

- shipbuilding and transportation;

- oil-producing and oil-processing industry;

- mining industry;

- production of storage tanks for corrosive fluids;

- production of equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries

- building and other structures in corrosible environments

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Name, color tie type L(mm) S(mm) b(mm)

quantity in one pack (pcs)

max.-min. wrap Ø (mm)

min. tensile strength (N)

СКВ (316) 7.9х300 Fortisflex


300.0 0.26 7.9 50 82-51 1112

СКВ (316) 7.9х400 Fortisflex


400.0 0.26 7.9 50 114-51 1112

СКВ (316) 7.9х500 Fortisflex


500.0 0.26 7.9 50 150-51 1112

СКВ (316) 7.9х600 Fortisflex


600.0 0.26 7.9 50 174-51 1112