Branching piercing clamp ЗПО 25-95/25-95

model : ЗПО

  • Piercing clamps are intended for connection and branching of self-supporting insulated wires, up to 1 kV. Also used for connection of lighting wires
  • While tightening bolts, the teeth of the contact plates pierce the insulation and create a reliable electrical contact
  • Installation can be carried out on a functioning line without power disconnecting
  • Reliability of the contact connection is ensured by a precisely angled tightening torque of the bolt with shear-off head
  • Clamp design ensures tightness and resistance to atmospheric agents
  • The insulated case is made of a polymer, resistant to ultraviolet radiation, weather and climatic conditions, reinforced with glass fiber
  • Clamps are designed for mounting Al and Cu cores
  • Clamps are provided with a rubber cap, for insulation of the end of branch wire
  • Quick installation without removal of insulation

  • Key parameters
  • Recommended with



Section of wires, mm2


Bolt shear-off head (mm)

Tightening torque (Nm)



ЗПО 25-95/25-95



PЗХ-95 (Tyco)