Dual-wall adhesive lined heat shrink tubes with shrink ratio 3:1 and 4:1

type : НТТК (3:1 и 4:1)

  • Designed for sealing, insulation, and corrosion protection in power, oil, gas, and other industries
  • Extended shrinkage ratio: 3:1 to 4:1
  • Color: black
  • Material: polyolefin
  • Dual-walled adhesive lined heat shrink tubes have exceptional strength and increased wall thickness
  • Resistant to UV rays and various weather conditions
  • Packing: cutting by- 1 m or 1.22 meters



Elongation at breakpoint

not less than 400 %

Shrinking temperature

120 °С

Operating temperature

from -55 °C to +110 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 14 MPa

Electric durability

at least 18 kV/mm

Operating voltage

Up to 1000 V

Specific volume of electrical resistance

1013 Ом/cm

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Name Nominal diameter (mm)

Wall thickness after shrinkage (mm)

The optimal range of shrinkage (mm) Cutting (m)

before shrinkage


after shrinkage

НТТК-55/16   55 16 4.1 44 - 19 1.00
НТТК-75/22   75 22 4.1 60 - 26 1.00
НТТК-95/25   95 25 4.1 76 - 30 1.00
НТТК-115/34   115 34 4.3 92 - 41 1.22
НТТК-130/36   130 36 4.3 104 - 43 1.22


Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes НТТК - special type of high quality dual-walled adhesive lined tubes, with a shrink ratio - 3:1 and 4:1, designed for insulation, corrosion protection and sealing of contacts.

НТТК tubes wall thickness, about 2-4 times more after shrinkage, than TTK, which gives excellent mechanical strength to the node or joint, on which installation was made.

Whole inner surface of the heat shrink tubes НТТК (КВТ) has adhesive layer, applied by co-extrusion. Special Eva (ethylene vinyl acetate) in the composition of adhesive layer, in the molten condition (during installation) fills all the irregularities of the microrelief and provides excellent adhesion to nearly all materials and surfaces. After hardening, the cable assembly turns to monolithic structure. However, before installation, during storage and transportation, adhesion of layer is minimal, which prevents adhesion of the tubes one to each other

Heat shrink tubes НТТК (КВТ) are available in black color, delivering in measuring segments by 1 and 1.22 meters, depending on the diameter.

We are presenting a large sizes range – from 55/16mm to 130/36mm.

Adhesive lined tube НТТК 4:1 is not the first year, successfully used in a number of industries: oil and gas, power and other spheres, in production and repair of nodes and contact connections. It became widely known in the range of relevant professionals.