Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes with shrink ratio 6:1

type : ТТ-(6Х)

  • Designed for sealing, insulation, and corrosion protection in power, oil, gas, and other industries
  • Tubes have high strength and increased wall thickness
  • Shrinkage ratio: 6:1
  • Shrinkage factor three times more in comparison with standard tubes
  • Material: polyolefin
  • Color: black
  • Resistant to UV rays and weather conditions
  • While shrinking, the adhesive layer melts, fills all the irregularities of the microrelief, and ensures complete leak proofness of the contacts
  • Ultra-wide shrinkage range ensures isolation and leak proofness of complex products with large level differences
  • Packing: cutting, by 1.2 meters



Elongation at breakpoint

not less than 350 %

Shrinking temperature

120 °С

Operating temperature

from -55 °C to +125 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 10 MPa

Electric durability

at least 18 kV/mm

Operating voltage

Up to 1000 V

Specific volume of electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm



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before shrinkage

D(mm) not less

after shrinkage

d(mm) not less than

Wall thickness after shrinkage

T (mm)*
The optimal range of shrinkage (mm) Packing (cutting, m)
ТТ-(6Х)-19/3.2   19 3.2 3.2 17 - 3.8 1.22
ТТ-(6Х)-33/5.5   33 5.5 3.4 29.7 - 6.6 1.22
ТТ-(6х)-44/7.4   44 7.4 4.2 39.6-8.9 1.22
ТТ-(6Х)-50.8/8.3   50.8 8.3 4.3 45.7 - 10 1.22
ТТ-(6Х)-69.8/11.7   69.8 11.7 4.8 62.8 - 14 1.22
ТТ-(6Х)-87.5/17.1   87.5 17.1 4.8 79 - 20.5 1.22
ТТ-(6Х)-119.4/22.9   119.4 22.9 4.8 107.5 - 27.5 1.22
ТТ-(6х)-235/40    235  40  5 211.5-48  1.22


* The wall thickness of the tube after shrinkage is given without taking into account of adhesive layer thickness


Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes ТТ-(6Х) - type of high quality adhesive lined tubes with ultra-wide shrinkage factor- 6:1. This tube is designed for insulation, corrosion protection and sealing of electrical connections up to 1000V.

Heat shrink tubes TT-(6X) are made of a special composition of polyolefin, halogen-free and without suppression of combustion, with special technology that allows to achieve a threefold superior shrink ratio 6: 1 compared to the standard ТУТнг.

The thickness of walls of the tubes TT-(6X) exceeds the thickness of other heat shrink tubes, giving them unrivaled mechanical strength and resistance to abrasive deterioration, while significantly increasing the strength of the nodes on which the installation was carried out.

Another typical feature of this type of tubes is a hot-melt adhesive layer, evenly applied to the entire inner surface of the tubes by co-extrusion. Its presence provides reliable sealing of any contact joints. Melting and filling all the irregularities of the microrelief, hot-melt glue turns the cable assembly into a monolithic hermetic structure.

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes TT-(6X) have a high resistance to UV and weather conditions, which allows outdoor installation, as well as indoor. These tubes can be used on objects with high humidity, with special requirements of leakproofness and directly into the ground or concrete.

This type of tubes with adhesive layer is supplied as cutting by 1.22 meters - 5pcs in a pack. Ultra-wide shrinkage factor allows to optimize quantity of tube TT-(6X) (KBT), stored in the warehouse, in case of emergencies and urgent needs.

The heat shrink tubes TT-(6X), produced by “KBT” factory, is not the first year, successfully used in a number of industries: power industry, telecommunications and other spheres, in production and repair of nodes and contact connections. It became widely known in the range of relevant professionals.