Black adhesive lined heat shrink tubes 3:1 with suppression of burning

type : ТТК (3:1) black

  • Designed for sealing, insulation, and corrosion protection of contact connections in power generation and telecommunications
  • Advanced shrink ratio: 3:1
  • Material: polyolefin, does not support combustion
  • Color: black
  • All inner surfaces of heat shrinkable tubes has a hot-melt adhesive layer, applied by coextrusion
  • Black color tubes are resistant to UV radiation
  • Excellent adhesion of hot melt layer to all materials
  • High performance of electric strength of the material ensures reliable insulation
  • While shrinkage, adhesive layer melts, and fills all the irregularities and provides full leak proofness of connections
  • Packing: cutting by 1-meter length



Elongation at breakpoint

not less than 350%

Shrinking temperature

115-140 °С

Operating temperature

-55 °C to +125 °C

Tensile strength

not less than 10 MPa

Electric durability

at least 20 kV/mm

Operating voltage

Up to 1000 V

Specific volume of electrical resistance

1014 Ом/cm

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Nominal diameter before shrinkage

D (mm)

Nominal diameter after shrinkage

d (mm)

Wall thickness after shrinkage* (mm)

Optimal range Cutting (m)
ТТК (3:1)-3/1    3 1 1.1 2.7 - 1.2 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-4.8/1.6   4.8 1.6 1.0 4.3 - 1.9 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-6/2   6 2 1.0 5.4 - 2.4 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-9/3   9 3 1.4 8.1 - 3.6 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-12/4   12 4 1.6 10.8 - 4.8 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-18/6   18 6 2.1 16.2 - 7.2 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-24/8   24 8 2.4 21.6 - 9.6 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-30/10   30 10 2.4 27.0 - 12.0 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-39/13   39 13 2.4 35.1 - 15.6 1.00
ТТК (3:1)-50/17   50 17 2.4 45.0 - 20.4 1.00

*Wall thickness after shrinking includes the thickness of the adhesive layer

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes ТТК 3:1 - are high quality and popular type of “KBT” adhesive lined heat shrink tubes, with a shrink ratio- 3:1, for insulation and sealing of electrical connections.

Tubes ТТК are made from a special composition of polyolefins with the addition of non-toxic flame retardant (except transparent tubes), which gives them distinct properties of incombustibility

Typical and distinctive feature of this type of tubes- is hot melt adhesive layer, uniformly applied on the entire inner surface of the tube by coextrusion, which provides a reliable sealing of all contacts with voltage up to 1000V and gives them additional mechanical strength after shrinkage. Adhesive melting and filling of all irregularities transforms cable assembly in a solid sealed structure.

The increased shrink ratio allows using of heat shrink tubes TTK 3:1 for mounting on cables and strands with significant levels differences and complex shapes, while maintaining flexibility and elasticity of the assembly.

After melting and cooling the adhesive composition of tubes TTK provides excellent adhesion to almost any surfaces and materials. However, before installation, during storage and transportation, adhesion of layer is minimal, which prevents adhesion of the tubes one to each other

Adhesive lined heat shrink tubes TTK have high resistance to UV, weather conditions and approved for outdoor installation in areas with high humidity levels, as well as for installation directly into the ground and concrete.

Recently presented sizes range of non-combustible tubes TTK “KBT” of black color was supplemented by red and white color tubes. This greatly increases the scope of their application, allowing to use different colors tubes (e.g. red and black) for marking "phase - zero" in the charging of rechargeable devices and other installations.

TTK “KBT” shrink tubes 3:1 are supplied in convenient packing by 10 pieces (meter cutting) and presented in optimal size range, from 3\1 to 50\17.

Long-term use of TTK tubes in various sectors of domestic industry (electrical work, military industrial complex) proves good quality and reliability