Double-sided case-organiser with 10 sections Profi series

model : K-08

  • Plastic double-sided case-organizer for storage of small objects 
    Set contains:
  • plastic case
    24 partition plates
    Sizes of the two main sections:62х300 mm – 3 pcs
    85х42 mm – 2 pcs
    Partition plates are sued for making one big section out of 5 small
    Cover opens at an angle 180˚
    Transparent cover for easy identification of the contents
    The cover is tightly closed
    Reliable locks made of
     ABS plastic
    Handle for carrying
    Studs for vertical positioning
    Symmetrical sections at both sides  
    Case sizes: 320х270х80 mm
    Weight: 0.94 kg

  • Video overview