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Ergonic screwdrivers, by the piece


Ergonic screwdrivers, by the piece

model : Ergonic screwdrivers, by the piece

  • Designed for fitter's works
  • Smooth and seamless handles for maximum comfort
  • Each handle is marked with profile sign for convenience 
  • Special "anti-roll" handle design prevents rolling away from inclined surfaces
  • Screwdriver shafts are made of chrome-molybdenum-vanadium steel (CrMoV steel), which increases strength and durability 
  • Blue-steel tip for precision
  • Excellent torque, which exceeds DIN and ISO requirements
  • Hole in the handle for convenient storaging or using as a leverage
  • Key feature of screwdrivers from Ergonic series is an ergonomic handle that is able to adapt to user's hand

  • Key parameters
Model Profile L1 (mm) L (mm)
Ergonic slotted screwdriver 3.0х0.5х80 slotted 80 166
Ergonic slotted screwdriver 4.0х0.8х100 slotted 100 194
Ergonic slotted screwdriver 5.5х1.0х150 slotted 150 251
Ergonic PZ screwdriver PZ1х80 pozidriv 80 94
Ergonic PZ screwdriver PZ2х100 pozidriv 100 206
Ergonic PH screwdriver PH1х80 phillips 80 174
Ergonic PH screwdriver PH2х150 phillips 150 256