Shear-off-head bolts connectors with angular position, electroplated. Euroseries СБЕ-(Л) (КВТ)

type : СБЕ-(Л)

By TU  3449-009-97284872-2006

  • Designed for connection of single-wire and multiwire sector-shaped cores. Assume connection of all types of sector shaped conductors, for 3 -, 4- and 5-core cables
  • X-shaped angular  location of the bolts corresponds to the European standards and guarantees the mechanical strength of the connection
  • The eccentric hole is provided for the cable core in the body of each connector 
  • The construction of the bolts has several groove — stall "necks", so that the breaking of the head occurs on the level or below the surface area of the connector
  • The connectors have an internal structural septum, which defines the depth of the cable core
  • Corrugated knurling on the inner surface of the cylindrical part of the connectors increases the surface area and mechanical strength of the contact connection
  • On each connector  there is an embossed marking, which indicates the nominal cross-section cable range and the manufacturer's logo
  • Body material: special aluminum alloy
  • Recommended for mounting heat-shrinkable kits and for equipping repair crews and emergency services 
  • The mounting on core is made by tightening bolts with shear-off-heads. The bolt heads are breaking at a fixed point, providing optimal mechanical and electrical properties of the contact connection
  • The size range of bolt connectors correlate with the size range of heat shrinkable sleeves, that is why bolt connectors has become ideal optional solution for sets of heat shrinkable sleeves

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Name Nominal cross section (mm²) L(mm) L₂(mm) d(mm) d₁(mm) N(mm) Bolts
2СБ-10/ 25(Л) 10/ 16/ 25 40.0 18.0 13.0 8.0 8.0 2
4СБЕ-25/ 50(Л) 25/ 35/ 50 66.0 31.5 19.0 11.0 12.0 4
4СБЕ-70/ 120(Л) 70/ 95/ 120 90.0 43.5 27.0 17.0 17.0 4
4СБЕ-150/ 240(Л) 150/ 185/ 240 110.0 53.5 37.0 25.0 19.0 4

Shear-off-head bolts connectors with angular position, electroplated СБЕ-Л - universal cable connectors, Euro series with X-shaped (angular) arrangement of bolts with disruptive (shear-off) heads, according to the European standards.

These lugs are intended for connection of cable cores of any type (round and sector, mono- and multi- core, copper and aluminum cables) for voltage up to 10kV inclusive.

The main advantage of the lugs СБЕ-(Л) - is a neutral galvanic coating, against the conductors. It eliminates the possibility of a galvanic pairing while connecting copper and aluminum without sealing.

Unlike single-size cable lugs and connectors for crimping, bolt lugs and connectors overlap a wide range of sections and can be used for mounting on multiple cable sizes.

This feature led to the popularity of using bolted lugs and connectors in the configuration of heat shrinkable cable kits (terminations and joints).

By default, in a standard complete set of “KBT” cable HS kits are used lugs and connectors with a row arrangement of bolts (type НБ and СБ). If necessary, HS kit can also be equipped with an angular position of the bolts lugs -Euro-series (type НБЕ-Л and СБЕ-Л).

"KBT" factory is the only one in Russia, which has mass-production not only of heat shrink kits (terminations and joints), but also all types of cable lugs and connectors.

Fully-automated lines made it possible to achieve high-speed manufacture of lugs and connectors and reduced their cost.

Modern robotic system CNC machines ensure consistently excellent quality and accurately verified dimensions of the entire batch of products, as well as exclude the possible impact of the human factor in the production.

The location of the bolts at an angle of 50°, relative to each other significantly increases the area of the contact spot of the cable core with connector, improving the quality of the entire connection and reducing the probability of failure in emergencies.

The hole for the insertion of cable core in the bolt lugs СБЕ-Л offsets from the central axis for providing required strength characteristics in the fastening bolts zone.

The entire inner cylindrical surface of KBT lugs has a serrated relief, for increasing the area of electrical contact and mechanical strength between connector and cable core.

The design provides presence of an internal partition, which determines the depth of entry of cable cores. While installing on aluminum cables, the gear surface cuts into the cable core, destroying the oxide surface layer

In contrast to cheap analogues, all KBT bolt connectors are equipped with 4 and 6 bolts (starting from size 300 mm2), which allows to provide high mechanical strength of the connection and high-quality electrical contact.

The special design of “KBT” bolts provides presence of not just one, but two disruptive “necks” with pre-set moments of breaking the heads.

Due to the two-level arrangement of the “necks”, the breaking of the bolt head is always flat, or below the surface of the connector body.

This eliminates the need to sand the sharp edges formed after breaking of the bolts with one neck, and significantly reduces the installation time.

"KBT" bolt lugs are made of a special aluminum alloy with high electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.

All bolt lugs and connectors manufactured by" KBT" have stamped marking indicating the range of sections.