Shear-off-head bolts connectors with angular position. Euroseries (КВТ)

type : 6СБЕ

  • Designed for connection of any type of cable cores: copper and aluminium, round or sector, mono - wire cables and stranded wires
  • Each connector is multilateral and caters to a range of cable sizes
  • X-shaped angular  location of the bolts corresponds to the European standards and guarantees the mechanical strength of the connection
  • The eccentric hole is provided for the cable core in the body of each connector  
  • Operating voltage: up to 10 kV
  • Body and bolts material: special aluminum alloy
  • The mounting on core is made by tightening bolts with shear-off-heads. The bolt heads are breaking at a fixed point, providing optimal mechanical and electrical properties of the contact connection
  • The construction of the bolts has several groove — stall "necks", so that the breaking of the head occurs on the level or below the surface area of the connector
  • The connectors have an internal structural septum, which defines the depth of the cable core
  • Corrugated knurling on the inner surface of the cylindrical part of the connectors  increases the surface area and mechanical strength of the contact connection
  • On each connector  there is an embossed marking, which indicates the nominal cross-section cable range and the manufacturer's logo
  • Recommended for mounting heat-shrinkable kits and for equipping repair crews and emergency services 
  • The size range of bolt connectors correlate with the size range of heat shrinkable sleeves, that is why bolt connectors has become ideal optional solution for sets of heat shrinkable sleeves